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Wednesday, 25 August 2004


Most folks have become familiar with the term wiki, referring to a user-edited website; Wikipedia is a well-known example of a free example (I myself have contributed to pages on less and myself); well, there is a related effort known as Wikibooks whose effort is to develop free textbooks. Perhaps I should add my bachelor recipes to it, in the recipes section.

Cousin Marriage and the Iraqi Situation

Steve Sailer has written that the widespread practise of marrying first or second cousins may explain the Iraqi and Middle Eastern situations. His thesis is that it tends to encourage family feelings at the expense of patriotism, and that does make a certain sense: when one’s family is bound to one by multiple lines of descent, and all of one’s extended family is trusted by, or at least well-known to, one then that could indeed be the case. Interesting that nearly half of all Iraqi marriages are to a cousin. No wonder they’re so bloody backward.

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